Who is CEyX 
CEyX’s passion is to drive and ensure their customers' employees have the highest technology adoption by offering a new way to engage and give their customers learners options to learn about Microsoft products, Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, and many more technologies. 
Why'd you get in contact with CEyX? 
Are you any size organisation who wants to get more from the Technology you use everyday but don’t want a dedicated, expensive training session that takes out all your employees in 1 day? 
CEyX offers weekly live training sessions that focus on the learning topic. Your employees will have a learning portal that allows them to drive their own learning journey. 
You'll join sessions with other CEyX customers who want to know about the learning topic you have all signed up for. 
If you need a flexible, in-expensive, live training that has lots of ways to learn about multiple outcomes and lots of live sessions to choose from, CEyX is a great option. 
Are you an IT provider that wants to offer more to your client base? 
CEyX has a partner model that enables IT providers (large or small) to offer their customer base a new training service. Our partner model gives our partners the ability to enable their customers, through a learning pathway, to increase revenue and technology adoption for their clients 
Get in touch with Matt Wilkinson at CEyX 
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