As the general election looms closer, the pressure on political parties to address the contentious IR35 legislation has intensified. On 4th June 2024, Dave Chaplin, a prominent anti-IR35 campaigner, launched a ‘freelance manifesto’, advocating for the abolition of the off-payroll reforms. This move aims to galvanise support from the self-employed community and pressurise political parties to clarify their stances on this pivotal issue. 
A Call to Empower the UK's Self-Employed 
Chaplin, the founder of Contractor Calculator and CEO of IR35 Shield, heralded the manifesto as “a bold move to empower the UK’s 4.35 million self-employed.” He emphasised the crucial role freelancers, contractors, and the self-employed play in fostering innovation, economic growth, and flexibility. The manifesto outlines five key policies designed to shift the policy landscape to one that supports rather than penalises the self-employed. 
Key Demands of the Manifesto 
At the forefront of the manifesto’s demands is the termination of the off-payroll reforms. Chaplin argues that these reforms have been detrimental to UK businesses, creating unnecessary complications and financial burdens. Additionally, the manifesto calls for: 
Regulation of the Umbrella Sector: Targeting unscrupulous operators and tax avoidance schemes to protect workers. 
A Taxpayer Bill of Rights: Ensuring greater transparency and fairness in dealings with HMRC. 
Banning Zero-Rights Employment: Addressing the fallout from poorly drafted off-payroll rules. 
Enhanced Oversight: Proposing the establishment of an independent taxpayer advocate for stronger oversight and accountability. 
The Self-Employed: A Crucial Voting Bloc 
With the general election only a month away, the self-employed represent a significant portion of the electorate. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics indicates that there are between 46-48 million registered voters, with approximately 4.25 million of them being self-employed. This demographic holds considerable sway and could be a decisive factor in the election outcome. 
Political Silence and the Need for Action 
Despite the significant influence of the self-employed voter base, major political parties have largely remained silent on their plans to address issues pertinent to this group. This lack of engagement prompted Chaplin to launch the manifesto, urging politicians to seize the opportunity to secure votes from this vital sector. 
Chaplin has been vocal about the detrimental impact of current government policies on the self-employed. He cites the introduction of IR35 reforms, tax increases, and threshold freezes as examples of how the rights of the self-employed have been undermined. 
Safeguarding the Backbone of the Economy 
In the manifesto's foreword, Chaplin describes the self-employed as “the backbone of our economy” but asserts that poor government policymaking has jeopardised their livelihoods. He believes that the proposed measures will safeguard the self-employed and foster a more equitable working environment. 
Speaking to Contractor Calculator, Chaplin emphasised the urgency for change. He called on the incoming government to implement these changes promptly, arguing that a government that supports the self-employed will restore their rights and drive much-needed economic growth. 
As the election approaches, the unveiling of the freelance manifesto serves as a rallying cry for the self-employed and a challenge to political parties. The call to abolish off-payroll reforms and introduce supportive measures highlights the critical need for policies that empower the self-employed, ensuring their contributions to the economy are recognised and valued. Whether the political parties will heed this call remains to be seen, but the pressure to address IR35 and related issues has never been greater. 
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