Osu accountants 

Osu is a cutting-edge payment and business management platform built for sole traders and the self-employed. The Osu app allows sole trader clients to accept payments with zero transaction fees and receive the funds straight to their bank account with zero settlement delay. 
On top of payments, Osu automatically generates invoices and can be used to scan receipts and track expenses. The app has a dynamic booking and scheduling tool, and an inbuilt CRM that makes it easy to manage customers, view their payment history, and add notes. 
The Osu app for sole traders is integrated with Osu’s accounting software used by Chart’s team. It means that sole traders can focus on day-to-day business with the confidence that their finances are automatically shared with our team, allowing us to assist with their finances whenever needed. 

Our Osu accountants 

Our Osu accountants are fully qualified, using the Osu accounting software to assist sole trader clients with their finances. By using the Osu app and then connecting to our accountants, sole trader clients can focus on day-to-day business rather than bookkeeping or accounting. 
For sole trader clients, everything is visible and editable within the Osu app, and they have complete control over all aspects of their income and outgoings. If any assistance is required, our team can simply log into the Osu accounting software and provide real-time support. 
Our sole trader accounting package includes the Osu app, unlimited phone and email support, a dedicated accountant, annual business accounts, personal tax returns, quarterly VAT returns, HMRC correspondence, income references, tax planning and a free initial consultation. 

Why we recommend Osu to our clients. 

● Osu is one of the UK’s fastest growing FinTechs and is unique in offering sole traders a business management platform that also allows them to accept customer payments with zero transaction fees and instant settlement. As an Osu Platinum Design Partner, we recommend the Osu app to all of our sole trader clients. 
● In addition to maximising earnings and improving cash flow, using Osu gives our sole trader clients the ability to reduce the time spent on accounting and bookkeeping admin. The app automatically issues invoices whenever a client requests a payment, automatically sends payment reminders, and automatically extracts data whenever a receipt is scanned - all the sole trader needs to do is select the expense category. 
● On top of payments, invoicing, receipt scanning, expense tracking and late payer chasing, Osu also includes other features for sole traders. The Osu scheduling tool allows sole traders to set their hours, share a link with their customers, and then let customers book directly. And the Osu CRM allows sole traders to manage customers and add notes. 
● Osu’s offering simplifies the process of data sharing and collaboration between sole traders and their accountants. Transaction data and supporting files are shared in real-time and any edits are reflected simultaneously, both in the app and in the accountants’ portal. It also eliminates the potential for human error because data is captured in real-time, backed up, and changes logged so that they can always be tracked. 
● Where Osu stands out versus accounting apps, is that it is first and foremost a business management and payment app for sole traders. Simply by using it day-to-day, sole traders generate the bookkeeping and accounting data in the background, which can be seamlessly shared with their accountant in real time. This makes Osu very unique compared to other platforms which are primarily built for accountants and in-house finance teams, with an accounting-focused client app bolted on as a secondary element. 

Create invoices automatically 

When you send a payment request to your client, Osu automatically generates and issues a professional invoice with your business details and logo. 

Scan and upload your expenses 

Take photos of printed receipts or forward your e-receipts and e-invoices. Osu’s system automatically extracts the data. All you need to do is select the category. That’s it! 

Stop paying transaction fees 

Eliminate transaction fees, processing fees, and other payment charges. With Osu, when your customers pay 100% of the money goes to you. You’ve earned it, you keep it. 

Start getting paid instantly 

Whether it’s bank transfer faff or card settlement times, there’s no delays. When customers pay, the money is sent from their bank account straight to yours. 

Schedule your time, book meetings 

Manage your time with Osu’s scheduling and calendar tool. Send invites, or set your availability, share a link to your calendar and let your customers book directly. 

Manage all your clients in one place 

View customer contact details, get in touch with them via the app, view past payments, easily chase outstanding invoices in one click, and write client notes. 

No more card or bank details 

Your customer gets a text message, clicks a link and confirms the payment using their bank app, without needing to manually input a single detail. It takes 3 clicks. 

Save your items and discounts 

Create and save a list of the services you provide and their price. When requesting a payment you tap the relevant items to add them. And you can do the same for discounts. 
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