Limited Company Accountant Fees 

With so many expenses that businesses are already expected to pay such a bills, employee wages and office rental fees, we believe that having affordable limited company accountant fees is important. 
We’ve made it our goal to ensure that every business has access to an experienced accountant and the latest accounting software for an exceptionally low monthly fee. 

Our limited company accountant fees and accounting packages 

We have a variety of packages that are suitable for SMEs, sole traders and contractors and we aim to keep the cost of our packages as low as possible. However, we understand that the accounting and tax requirements of a limited company differ from those of freelancers which is why we have a package that is specifically for limited companies. 
Some of the services included in our limited company accounting packages are: 
Online accounting software 
As two of the most recognised pieces of cloud accounting software, we offer Freeagent or Xero to all our clients. Both pieces of software are easy to use and enable companies to track their expenses, monitor profit and send invoices along with much more. 
Annual accounts and corporation tax returns 
At the end of your organisations financial year, one of our skilled accountants will prepare your corporation tax returns and annual accounts. We will then send copies of your annual accounts and corporation tax returns to 
Companies House and HMRC. 
Quarterly VAT returns 
Every three months, limited companies are legally required to submit VAT tax returns to HMRC that outline the amount of VAT that a business owes. Instead of you having to complete all the relevant paperwork and work out how much tax is owed, with our limited company accountant packages, our accountants will fill out and submit all VAT returns for you. 
HMRC and Companies House correspondence 
If you’ve previously contacted HMRC or Companies House, you’ll understand how time consuming it can be. If at any time you need to contact HMRC or Companies House, your accountant will contact them as a representative of your company. 
Tax planning 
Every company only wants to pay the minimum amount of tax legally required. Because of this, we use our knowledge of the available tax allowances to significantly reduce tax liability for our clients. Furthermore, our accountants will then create a plan that will ensure your company has the funds required to pay all owed tax. 
Dedicated accountant and unlimited support 
Also included in our limited company accounting package is a dedicated accountant that will provide continuous email and phone support. Whether you require tax advice or whether you need assistance using your chosen cloud accounting software, our team is available to help whenever you require. 

Why we keep our limited company accountant fees low 

We don’t believe that a high quality service has to be expensive. Our aim is to make sure that our limited company accountant fees are affordable to all organisations. Our business packages start from just £89 per month and include a variety of services including those mentioned above. 

Find out more about our limited company accounting services 

Our team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional service for a low cost and are available to offer a helping hand at all times. 
If you are interested in finding out more about our accounting services and limited company accountant fees, or if you have some questions for a member of our team, contact us. 
Email us at [email protected] and our expert team will be happy to answer any of your questions and provide further information about our accountancy packages. 
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