What we do 

At Chart Accountancy we have worked a long way to develop our modern cloud accounting packages suitable for contractors and small business owners. We understand people want quick and clear information. Our services include a choice of modern bookkeeping software that we fully support. 
We have developed our own bookkeeping software that would provide you with a quick way to keep track of your incomings and outgoings. The software will calculate with a click of a button your monthly profit or loss, corporation tax, available dividends and vat returns figures.  
We also offer a choice of cloud accounting software FreeAgent or Xero. This service will include the flexibility of using a cloud software so that you can work on the go and from anywhere. With cloud accounting software you can invoice your clients, keep track of your paid and unpaid invoices, run your payroll and produce your own payslips and many more additional features. FreeAgent and Xero are secure cloud accounting packages with no software or hardware requirements. You just need a smart phone or tablet. All your data will be securely stored in the cloud.  
All our services include: 
Fixed price service 
Choice of friendly bookkeeping software 
Experienced dedicated accountant 
Regular reviews to ensure you are maximising your return 
Email and phone support to answer your accounting and tax queries 
We are friendly, modern and flexible accountants supporting contractors and small business owners. You can contact us on 0118 449 2321 or email info@chartaccountancy.com for your free advice today. 

Contractors accountants 

We work with contractors to support them in all aspects of from book-keeping, quarterly vat to end of year accounting and assistance with tax matters. 

Small business accountants 

We love to help small businesses and have developed modern accountancy packages to enable you to spend less time on compliance and more time on growing and succeeding in your business. 

Sole traders acountants 

At Chart Accountancy we are experienced in providing accountancy services for sole traders. We help our sole trader clients to minimise the time they spend on bookkeeping and compliance, so that they can concentrate on growing their business. 

FreeAgent accountants 

As FreeAgent certified partners, we can help you stay on top of your day-to-day bookkeeping. At the same time working alongside our team of accountants ensures you receive the best tax planning and business advice. 

Xero accountants 

We love working with entrepreneurs and bring benefits to business owners. We want to offer the best tools to our clients and that’s why Xero cloud accounting software is included in our fixed price packages.