Small Business Accountant 

If you require an experienced small business accountant to manage all aspects of your business accounts including bookkeeping and payroll, Chart Accountancy are on hand to assist you. 
With 15 years combined experience in the accountancy sector our team have worked with thousands of small businesses, helping them to focus on what they know best and increase company profits. 
We will guide you through all the important accounting processes, making sure that you understand exactly what is happening at each stage. Whether you are looking to form a limited company or are an established small business, our team are on hand to help. 

Why choose Chart Accountancy as your small business accountant? 

Unlike many other accountants, we specialise in working with micro and small businesses. A large percentage of our clients are within this demographic, working in small teams or even on a freelance basis. 
As they are small teams we have found many small business owners just don’t have the time, or sometimes knowledge, to manage their own accounts. Instead they require a reliable small business accountant, such as Chart Accountancy. 
Our entire service is designed to take the stress away from the business owner, they can feel confident that their accounts are being managed efficiently by a reputable company. 
We also work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their business and financial situation before making any suggestions or implementing new software. Having this understanding and knowledge of our client’s companies ensures that we only give accurate and applicable advice on each individual’s financial situation. 
As a standard, all our small business accountant services offer: 
A fixed price service 
A choice of small business friendly bookkeeping software 
An experienced dedicated accountant 
Regular reviews to ensure you are maximising your return 
Email and phone support to answer your accounting and tax queries 

Small business accounting software 

As a small business owner, you will often have a task list as long as your arm, and it doesn’t seem to be reducing anytime soon. The last job that you’ll want to take on is managing your accounts and ensuring that everything is up to date manually. 
We have often found that this task gets left until the last minute, creating a rush to get all your ducks in a row before submitting your annual return to HMRC. 
Our aim as accountants is to avoid that rush and create an organised and accurate financial picture of the business all year round – no matter when the return is due. Plus, with the change to making tax digital, where accounts must be submitted online to HMRC, the importance for a readily accessible set of accounts is important. 
Small business accounting software should be used by every organisation, whatever service or product they offer. Previously accounting software was only designed for use by in-house teams, at large organisations, they were complex to use and unsuitable for small businesses and freelancers. 
However, there are now a range of options for small businesses to utilise, helping them to manage their business finances. Small business accounting software can assist with bookkeeping, invoicing, inventory and payroll. 

The benefits of using small business accounting software 

Small business accounting software is designed to make your life easier as a business owner, enabling you to easily manage your business finances in one place.  
We have worked with many clients on helping them to integrate business accounting software into their organisation. Some of the main benefits that they have experienced include: 
As small business accounting software is so easy to use business owners can access all their key financial statistics easily, most will offer a display dashboard that highlights the key figures and fluctuations which gives a snapshot of the current financial situation. This is ideal for small business owners that are struggling in terms of time management, if you don’t have the time to spend hours working your way through your finances and sending invoices the software can cut this time significantly. 
As all the invoices and reports are created by the software itself there will be a reduction in the possibility of errors being made. Invoices are sent out automatically on the date selected when first entered into the system and if a repeat is required this can also be set up to send automatically. This can help to improve cashflow and the accuracy of yearly accounts as everything is monitored and managed by the software. 
Most small business accounting software is extremely simple to use, making it accessible for any business owner to login and update the relevant information. This links closely with time management and the reduction in errors, as the simple data entry process means that it is a much less time-consuming process 

New business accounting 

If you have a new small business and unsure of the first steps to take in creating your company and deciding the best business structure this is also something that we can help with. We have advised many of our clients on the most efficient structure to choose in terms of tax, guiding them in the right direction. 
It is important to get things right from the start for your business therefore securing a reliable small business accountant that can grow alongside you is ideal. We are enthusiastic about working with new businesses, giving them the support they need to continue to grow. We will help your business to set up, guide you through the growing process and capture the accounting and tax matters involved at all stages. 

Existing small business accounting 

If you have an established small business that requires an experienced and knowledgeable accountant to guide you through growth, Chart Accountancy have the team for you. Our small business team have extensive knowledge of running and managing a successful accounting process for our clients, working alongside them throughout the process. 
We handle everything, from submitting yearly accounts and speaking to HMRC on your behalf right through to integrating accounting software into your small business. 

Work with us 

To start your journey with Chart Accountancy’s small business accountants contact us by calling our Reading office on 0118 4492321 or speak to a member of our Guilford team on 01483 323241. 

REQUEST A CALL BACK Our team will get back to you as soon as possible 

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